The Traveling Fro x S H O P. 

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The Traveling Fro Shop was started out of a simple ask “where do you get your travel wardrobe pieces”.

When I started my journey around the world, I left with a backpack containing no more than 10 clothing items, that I soon learned how to mix and match into tons of different combinations. We so often get caught up with material things and “not wearing the same outfit twice on the gram” that not only do we lose sight of our vision and what really matters, but we waste money. Don’t get me wrong, I love fashion but, shopping was a major unnecessary habit I had to eliminate from my lifestyle to be able to afford my travels.

I believe that you don’t have to spend a lot of money or carry a ton of items with you when you are traveling. If you are equipped with a few staples that fit your style and are funky enough to spice up your daily outfits, you can make it work. 

After settling in Dakar, Senegal, my journey around the world turned into something bigger. I began truly absorbing the culture, connecting with local artists and business people, and sparked the interest of wanting to give back to the countries and communities that have given so much to me during my travels.

In hopes of spreading pieces of the world I have seen to others through products and ideas with the support and labor from local communities, I bring your The Traveling Fro Shop. 


The Traveling Fro Pieces are . . .

Handpicked and worn by me during my travels.

Limited collections.

Sourced locally from the various countries I have visited during my journey.

Produced manually and hand packaged with the help of locals, friends and family.

Photographed by myself & fellow travelers I have met along my journey. Mostly random people turned friends, who believe in and support the vision.

Chez Alpha