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Travelingfro Mexico City Travel Guide

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Travelingfro Mexico City Travel Guide

CMDX city guide final.jpg
CMDX city guide final.jpg

Travelingfro Mexico City Travel Guide


Thinking of making a trip to Mexico City aka CDMX? Flights from the US are running cheap and I have you covered on all things: food, neighborhoods, what to do and see. If the media has you nervous, I let you in on my experience as a solo female traveler. After living in this city for almost two months I have compiled everything I know from safety tips, and where to stay to where to avoid.

If you are hesitant, my advice: Go. This is one of the most buzzing, tasteful, vibrant cities I have visited in a while. Not to mention it is quite advanced so there isn’t must adjusting (outside of Spanish) required. It is totally worth the trip and the cost of living is super affordable, we’re talking eating for under 10 bucks a day.

Still thinking? Add this to your 2018 travel list asap. Trust me you won’t regret it.

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This guide will prepare you for your trip to Mexico City. Equipping you with what to expect and how to navigate the city and culture.




Areas to stay

Art and historic sites 

1/2 day and day trips to surrounding areas

Public transportation 

Food and tour recommendations 

and more!

If there is something missing, have more questions, or want even more personal recos, please feel free to reach out to me after downloading the guide.