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    Cafe Series: Paris, France.


    Travelingfro blog posts with advice, tips and tricks on traveling from my experience of solo travel around the world.

    Cafe Series: Paris, France.


    I have been wanting to do a series of which cafés and coffee shops I love in Europe for working and good coffee. This is the first city of my series. None other than Paris! Outside of the Tour d’eiffel and the other touristy spots, I found Paris to be a pretty easy metropolitan city with similarities to NY (more than London, that’s for sure). There are so many cafes and coffee shops in Paris it can be overwhelming. Below are few of my favs based on:

    • Wifi strength 
    • Coffee
    • Remote friendly environment
    • Space
    • Accesible outlets

    These may not be your typical Paris (read Parieeee) cafés but for me it helped get the job done (literally).

    Kb Cafeshop

    One for the cool kids in SoPi. But on a weekday or off hours you could sit and get work done here. The coffee is good and the little blue mugs are too Instagrammable.

    Kb coffeeshop


    Cool co-working space where you pay by the hour and get to sit and work with unlimited coffee and snacks. There are a lot of these spaces in Paris. It is great because you don’t feel rushed or like you are overstaying your welcome. The pay by the hour also helped me be more productive as we all know time is money! Not to mention, the staff is super nice and welcoming.

     Husby Cafe

    Husby Cafe

    Café Oberkampf

    Speaking of nice staff, the owner here is extremely friendly and nice. I went so much while I was “living” in Paris he started to know me. The food and coffee is good. It is a small space but if you go outside of brunch hours you are golden.

    Cafe Oberkampf

    The Beans on Fire

    This one is actually a roaster which is pretty cool. They also have snacks and outdoor seating giving you the best of both worlds: New and old Paris.


    The Beans on Fire Coffee


    Near one of my two favorite hoods in Paris Abbesses/Montmartre and Pigalle. Cuillier has good coffee, lacking in the food department but good to sit by the window, watch people shop and get some work done.

    Cuillier Coffee Shop

    Blackburn Coffee

    You don’t have to worry about this place being packed, or closed on Monday’s (like everything else in Europe). It is bright with trendy décor but not too trendy where it fills up and is just annoying. Great place to work and start with a fresh juice then move into coffee.

     Blackburn Coffee

    Blackburn Coffee

    Aloha Café

    Exactly like the name sounds, Aloha Café is a tropical looking café in SoPi (South Pigalle). Great healthy salads and amazing unhealthy deserts.

    Others to check out for just a cool spot and not so much for working:

     Aloha Cafe 

    Aloha Cafe 

    Café Tabac

    Ten Belles

    Holybelly – food

    Le Café Marlette – food


    Boot Café


    Comment below if you have others to add to the list, and as always pin the image to save these finds! 

    Xo Jakiya – The Traveling Fro and the traveling coffee lover.

    My favorite Paris Coffee Shops to get work done!

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