Dak'art: Biennale 2018 Photo Essay

Once every two years, The Dak'art Biennale, is held in Dakar, Senegal. This year I had the chance to attend the 13th edition. With Artists from all over the world, focused on African Contemporary Art "A New Humanity" encourages local people and artists alike to be introduced to art and a chance to create. The expression "The Red Hour" or "L'heure Rouge", speaks of emancipation, freedom and responsibility. See below how it unfolds in my eyes. 

Dakar biennale industrial exhibiition-1.jpg
biennale kites-2.jpg
Dakar newspaper biennale art 2018-1.jpg
Dak'art biennale  2018 record player-1.jpg
biennale chair -1.jpg
dak'art biennale 2018 tomato pot kratfsman-1.jpg
Dak'art biennale 2018 propaganda 1.jpg
Dak'art biennale 2018 cotton pickin goree island.jpg
Dak'art biennale 2018 touba medina photography.jpg
Dak'art biennale 2018 newspaper -1.jpg
One of the exhibition curators: Ican Ramageli

One of the exhibition curators: Ican Ramageli