5 Reasons Why the JORD Wood Watch Should Be in Your Next Packed Bag

Just in TIME for Christmas! I have the next accessory must have for your end of year travels. I recently partnered with JORD wood watches and I love their wooden sleek accessories, perfect for fall/winter! (offer below!) 

Check out my trip to Coney Island accompanied by my new wrist wear and why you should get one for you next trip (besides the fact that everyone is talking about it)!

1.     Not super flashy – tourist who?

When I travel I do everything I can to not stand out and to blend in with the locals. Wearing flashy clothing and jewelry, especially in less developed countries can paint you to be the perfect target. Nothing to be scared about but if you saw someone walking around with $100 bills in their hand what would you think? It’s essentially the same thing.

FullSizeRender 9.jpg


2.     Light weight – for the light packer  

The last thing I want is a heavy piece of jewelry holding me down on top of everything else I have to pack and carry when I travel. The JORD watch is so light and comfortable you feel like you have nothing on. 


3.     Trendy – travel with style, always

Goes perfect with any outfit, even spruces it up a bit. The wood gives you a different look than the usual gold or silver watch. And not sure about you but when I travel I live by comfort.   


4.     Naturally sourced wood – motherland approved

I love wearing and collecting jewelry that is either handmade or locally sourced. It is something about knowing the work and craftsmanship that goes into that piece of art. The Zebrawood & Navy watch has wood from West Africa (on my hit list) that has a natural contrasting stripped pattern, hence the name.


5.     Easy to clean! – one and done

All you need is a little lemon or orange oil extract. Pretty easy to find in any country. 

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The man behind most of my photos must eat! 

The man behind most of my photos must eat! 

This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches