Top 10 Things to Do in London (that won't break the bank)

Yes, it is possible to do London on the cheap, you just have to know what to do, where to go and most importantly, how to manage your money!  

Where to stay:

Clink Hostel, was my very FIRST hostel experience and it turned out pretty well. This hostel was centrally located 10 minutes walking from King’s Cross station, served free breakfast, offered free  (and strong) WiFi and had some pretty comfy bunks for 20 USD a night. There was a cleaning lady every time I turned around, always a MAJOR plus. If you are on the higher end of the budget spectrum you may want to look into hotels or Airbnbs in: Shoreditch or Soho for a young and cool area.

Clink78 used to be an old courthouse, now converted into a hostel with some of it's orginal rooms. 

Clink78 used to be an old courthouse, now converted into a hostel with some of it's orginal rooms. 

What to do:

1. Check out the museums: Most, if not all are free!

The British and V&A museum are a good start. 

The British Museum. 

The British Museum. 

2. Stroll through the markets: Free

Borough, Brixton, Camden, Bricklane Splitafields, Exmouth, Portobello to name a few. 

3. Wander around Shoreditch for bars, nightlife, vintage shopping, street art and more: Free

This area is super trendy, and cool. You can wander around all day and then get a drink at night for 7-15 USD, or opt for water :) 

4. Walk around Soho area: Free

Don't miss Convent Garden and Canabery street.  

5. Sight see: Free

Of course you have to see one or all of: Big Ben, The Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, King’s Cross Station. 

Big Ben.

Big Ben.

6. Catch a west end show: 50 USD

Because I saved on housing, I saw Aladdin for around 40 USD, amazing price for a Broadway show and seats we're that bad! Even met some cool people. 

7. Explore Notting Hill for the cute colorful row houses, fancy shopping and trendy scene: Free

Also if you’re hungry try Eggbreak for some good french or avocado toast 15 USD

8. View from the Shard: 5-20+ USD

Okay, this place is a tad over priced but if you want a cool view of all of London, you can go to the top and have one drink and enjoy a 360 view. A drink will run you about 20 USD. Or you can be frugal and do a juice for 5 USD like me :). You will get stares but who cares!

9. Have an espresso cocktail at one of the Grind locations: 10 USD

10. And of course, eat fish and chips at least once! 5-10 USD

How to get around:

Invest in an Oyster card, you will save in the end. Public transportation is very easy. The Tube is super-fast and the Oyster card gives you access to the Tube (underground metro) and the buses, yes the double decker ones! I spent about 30 USD in 4 days.  

Have anything else to add to the list? Comment below, and as always Pin this image if you found this article helpful or to save for later!

xo – Jakiya

See London for cheaper than you thought!