the coaching, tools, resources and confidence you need
to start growing your personal brand or business on Instagram in 90 days or less.

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    Are you…

    • Tired of getting stuck in the comparison game on Instagram and ready to take your own ‘gram to the next level tomorrow?
    • Spending too much time on Instagram without a return or real impact?
    • Struggling with engagement, captions, what to post and when?
    • Stumped on how to grow your account and create the right content?
    • Overwhelmed with too many ideas and social platforms and not sure where to start sharing your project, brand or passion?
    • Longing to create something outside of your corporate job that will allow you to express your creativity, passion and ultimately bring you freedom?
    • Sitting on thousands of followers and missing out on the opportunity of converting fans into a loyal community of customers?
    go from endlessly scrolling to ‘grammin with purpose.

    Learn how to take your Instagram from blah to brand. I will teach you my personal strategies to create impactful content, consistently post with purpose, and add value so that you can grow your brand, gain followers, build a community and make money with something you love.

      does your Instagram do this?

      • Tell a story?
      • Add value to peoples lives and make them want to take action?
      • Have visual consistency?
      • Make you money and land you partnerships?
      • Give you a reason to spend hours on the ‘gram?
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      Or are you just liking, “getting inspiration” and passively consuming for hours?


      Once I stopped sitting on my skillset and started ‘grammin with purpose,

      Here's what happened to me:

      • Got laser focused and started putting out meaningful engaging content
      • Paid to travel the world
      • Impacted lives by inspiring and teaching others how to follow their dreams
      • Built and engaged with a loyal community of supporters, inspirational and like-minded people
      • Confidently pitched to brands and charged my worth (triple than others with more followers than me)
      • Worked with dream clients & featured by magazines like OPRAH!
      • Hired to share my knowledge & skills
      • Ownership of my own time and location independence
      • Sold products, services and monetized my brand
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      Now Imagine if you could...
      • Use Instagram to double your brand and business growth
      • Gain followers and grow an invested community that consistently purchases from you
      • Stand out on the ‘gram even if you only have 100+ followers
      • Never be stuck on what or when to post again
      • Use your influence to impact thousands of lives
      • Create a stunningly beautiful visual platform for your business or passion that make anyone want to follow and impossible for brands not to work with you
      • Turn your skills, passion and story into a brand that makes you money and the freedom to do more of what you love
      let me show you how.


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      the ultimate kick in the butt course to transform you from consumer to creator, with my exact strategies on how to authentically grow your following, build a community, and increase your income with the most powerful marketing tool there is:

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      You’re already spending so much time on the gram! So why not make it work for you?

        ‘gram with purpose & here’s what you’ll learn:

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        where to start, what to focus on and how to stand out on the ‘gram

        Detailed step by step video modules, one on one personal coaching, live feedback and accountability to help you grow your brand on IG tomorrow.

        the key to creating consistent relevant and engaging content EVERYDAY

        master impactful story telling and caption writing to double your engagement with worksheets, apps and insights to keep you on track to creating targeted thumb-stopping content.

        the 5 mistakes you’re making daily that is keeping you from growing your following

        post with intention, set your account up for success, and growth hacks that beat the algorithm.

        how to confidently pitch to brands, land partnerships and monetize at any number of followers.

        Resources and access to other influencers, brands, and creators who answer the questions about pitching you are scared to ask.

        how to build a loyal community that will follow you beyond the 'gram

        Expand to other platforms, win offline and drive followers to your email list.

        It all starts with you. Your story, passions, and skills are your unique value. Knowing how to use them to build a brand and online presence will help you prioritize what to post and give you clarity to what your purpose is with Instagram and beyond. Let’s find your voice, grow your tribe, and create your unique visual look, while making you a coin or two.

        what happens once I enroll?

        Lifetime access!
        My goal is for you to launch and grow your brand strategically in 90 days or less.

        However, I know that life gets crazy, and everyone goes at their own pace so you have access to all of the course materials for life + updates and invites to exclusive masterclasses & resources!

        So you can either go with the pace of the group or go at your own pace, it's totally up to you to choose whatever fits your life, your business & travels.

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        here’s what the tribe has to say.

        Mental health and wellness advocate


        At this point in my journey I recognized that there was more to life than what we as humans allow ourselves the space to appreciate. I quit my job, cut my hair and planned to move to Spain. All of this and I still didn't know how to turn my passions into a career to fully live the life I was gifted with. I needed direction. I needed a person of color, a woman doing the damn thing in the position to develop and grow others. So I joined Jakiya's Course. TBH I don't remember how much it cost because not once did I feel I didn't get my money's worth. I was charged to think through my passions, inspired to acknowledge how to turn that into a career with guided steps and examples of that happening to people we often see on our explore page. Her course gave me the tools to identify what she calls as an avatar, the target market and how to conceptualize the parallels between what we offer and how that can service masses. The option to take advantage of 1on1 consultations left me with manageable commitments on a calendar, the support of gold and a handful of resources, each time. I am thankful. The Blue Bike is what it is today due to The Traveling Fro and the curator Jakiya Brown.
        Wins: Launched brand, 75+ email sign ups in 2 weeks, product strategy, content engagement
        Visual story teller

        Dakota Adan

        Jakiya was really the catalyst for me realizing what I want my brand to be about. Travel is one of my subjects and greatest muses but really building a brand around myself and my skills with her help is going to be exciting.
        Wins: brand clarity, community isights on 100K followers, monetizing, launched 1st digital product.
        siennabrown travelingfro.jpg

        Sienna Brown

        Jakiya makes it easy to see how you can not just grow a brand but also build a business based on your knowledge and unique experiences. Working with her has single-handedly been what helped me solidify the direction of my brand, realize the potential I have in my knowledge and start creating content that truly impacts others. Since working together, I’ve not only felt more empowered to take action but I also feel accountable to making sure that I provide value in everything I do.
        Wins: impactful content, brand direction, course sign ups, paid partnerships
        Caribbean Travel blogger


        The course is great and well designed. I'm taking my time tp really really brainstorm and focus on my mission and vision. The worksheets are 200% helpful.
        Wins: better ideas, increase in blog views, motiviation in the right direction, media partnerships
        Real Estate Broker Boss


        I’m so grateful to have met Jakiya earlier this year and I know it’s the universe working it’s magic because people come into your life for a purpose. I’ve joined her collective tribe and have taken part in her course. The advice and content she provides her clients is invaluable! Her strong background in marketing and brand development is really useful because that elements are needed in any industry. If you are seeking to know your audience and leave a lasting impression, Jakiya will help with that. In the time that I’ve worked with her, I can see my mindset start to shift and focus more on how I want to start solidifying my image and portray who I am and what I want my audience to know me for.
        Wins: goal setting, better story-telling, online presence
        Celebrity Make-up Artist and Speaker

        Delina Medhin

        Jakiya is a marketing guru, she has studied social and worked for top beauty brands. She makes Instagram fun by encouraging me to stay true to my personal style while using clever personal branding. After working with her my storytelling became more confident. Her personal stories are so fun to watch I'm so grateful she is excited about helping us create memorable brands too. You are learning from the best, and i'm so excited for you to start your Insta journey! Good Luck!
        Wins: community growth, more impactful consistent content, brand and celebrity partnerships, hosted 1st meet-up.
        janae curl trade travelingfro course student.jpg
        Natural hair expert and product curator


        Jakiya's branding knowledge is priceless. After consulting with her it was the push I needed to start. I have talked myself out of launching my brand numerous times, but through her encouragment and branding tools, I was able to flourish.
        Wins: Launched brand, clarified messaging, more efficient networking
        traveling nomad


        Learning how Jakiya was able to take her blog and social media and turn into a business was helpful for me. For anyone who is looking to create a brand beyond social media with their particular talents, this course is very relevant, personal and inspiring. I appreciating the sharing of “receipts” proof of pitches, contracts and wins.
        Wins: direction, framework on what’s next, "understanding my why"
        zaq travelingfro course review.jpg



        jakiya course brand coach travelingfro.png

        your next branding coach

        jakiya brown

        With 6+ years of corporate experience as a lead marketing brand manager at companies like L'Oreal, she quit her 9-9 to pursue travel full-time. She was able to turn her passion into a brand, build a community over 17K people and work with companies on social media strategy. Jakiya coaches digital nomads and aspiring entrepreneurs like you, on how to make your dream a reality starting with Instagram. Now is your time to have more freedom and be empowered to create the life you want to live. 


        Frequently Asked Questions:

        + WHo is this course for >>

        This course is for you if:
        You want to build a brand that helps you get closer to living the life you want to live.

        You don’t even have an idea of a brand or what you want to do but know that you want to make an impact and share it with the world.

        You are passionate about your idea and would do it every day regardless of how much money you make.

        You want to use Instagram to grow your brand and leverage it to grow personally, make connections, land partnerships and do more of what you love.

        You are ready to invest in yourself and your business / passion.

        You are open minded, willing to learn, and understand GOOD brands aren’t built overnight.

        You understand that there are no short cuts in life and anything worth having takes time, work and sacrifice.

        This course is not for you if:
        You are looking for a quick scheme to grow on Instagram.

        You are looking to gain 1000s of followers without doing the work.

        You want to become Instagram famous.

        Money is your #1 driver (opposed to passion, community and doing what you love).

        You are not open to feedback, positive criticism and fresh perspectives.


        + How long do I have access to the course? >>

        As long as you need! Both memberships grant you lifetime access to come and go as you please as long as you like. Perfect for checking in and refreshers during your stages of growth.

        + How long do I have access to the course? >>

        As long as you need! Both memberships grant you lifetime access to come and go as you please as long as you like. Perfect for checking in and refreshers during your stages of growth.

        + What if I am unhappy with the course? >>

        More than anyone I understand the coinz struggle. If you are unhappy contact me within 15 days for your money back.

        + What if I already have a developed brand and/or Insgtagram >>

        The course is set up for any stage and any age. If there are super specific questions go ahead and book a one on one with me once you take a look at the modules (VIP access only).