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    h E r   S T O R Y. 

    Originally from Charlotte, NC  Jakiya Brown, is a 29 year old dream fulfiller who quit her 9-9 corporate job in NYC to travel the world. Her goal is to inspire, create and live life to the fullest. 

    The Traveling Fro was started as an outlet to share her travel journey and to inspire others around the world to follow their dreams too, whatever they are.

    H E r   J O U R N E Y.

    After 6+ years in Corporate America, she decided she wanted to change the life she was living and create one of her dreams. After much sacrifice, hard work, self-discipline and commitment, she was able to leave life as she knew it, to find her purpose through journeying around the world.

    What started as a trip, has turned into a lifestyle of limitless travel and a career built on freedom. 

    H e R   w o r k.

    As a Marketer first, Jakiya has worked for companies like L'Oreal, Target and Coty whee she has acquired the skills, relationships and experience in branding and marketing.  As a 360 marketer she is focused on creating experiences and telling stories. Anything from strategy, social media, to in-store activation she has mastered it; and continues to use her brand The Travelingfro as a successful and proven example of the beautiful combination of creativity, risk taking and well thought out branding and marketing.  

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