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    Batik Blue Head Wrap


    The Traveling Fro Shop is an online boutique that features a series of collections of limited items inspired by and hand created by locals during Jakiya's journey around the world.

    Batik Blue Head Wrap

    TF batik blue -1.jpg
    TF batik blue -3.jpg
    TF batik blue -2.jpg
    TF batik blue -1.jpg
    TF batik blue -3.jpg
    TF batik blue -2.jpg

    Batik Blue Head Wrap


    The Batik dying technique is an ancient tradition, some say it comes from Indonesia or Asia through colonization and migration, but it actually dates back to ancient Egyptian days. African women have put their own twist on the handcrafted designs with prints ranging from mixed patterns to tie dye, used as a form of expression, communication and status. After watching the process in Senegal, I was inspired to incorporate this unique style in The Travelingfro Shop. Express yourself with the Batik Blue Head Wrap.

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    Product Details: 

    Cotton Hand dyed Batik Fabric. 


    25 x 70 in.


    Wash prior to use to avoid dye bleeding.

    Hand or machine wash cold with like colors. Hang dry. Iron with care.


    All items are handmade, color and size may vary slightly.