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    African Bogolan Pillowcase


    The Traveling Fro Shop is an online boutique that features a series of collections of limited items inspired by and hand created by locals during Jakiya's journey around the world.

    African Bogolan Pillowcase

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    African Bogolan Pillowcase

    from 42.00

    Handmade in Mali, Bogolanfini is cotton fabric traditionally dyed with fermented mud. Bogo meaning mud, lan is the verb use and fini means cloth. Perfect decorative addition to add to your home this fall.

    Bogolanfini is a technique that was originally developed by the Bambara women, a group of people in present-day Mali. Legend has it that the cotton was worn by hunters when they would go out in the woods. One day one of the hunters returned with a stain of mud on his attire. What may have been a stain to many was then used as a creative means among the Bamanan women.

    Traditionally, when the Bamanan women reach a certain age they do not cook anymore; instead, the younger women take over the communal kitchen. The senior women would resort to making mud cloth or Bogolanfini. They would design patterns that helped younger couples, women and men remind themselves of morals that must be taken into consideration when living in a community. The technique has no become very contemporary, and many of the patterns have lost meaning and have been blended with other cultures.

    *Pre-order yours today!

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    When you place your order your pillowcase (s) will be custom made in Dakar, Senegal just for you. 

    Product Details: 

    Cotton Linen. Sourced in Mali.


    50in H x 50 in. W


    Wipe clean with damp cloth. 


    All items are handmade, color pattern and size may vary slightly.