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World traveler, branding strategist, speaker.

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After taking control of her personal narrative and leaving her corporate job at 27 to travel the world, Jakiya has now built a location independent business that has afforded her freedom to do what she loves most: travel. She continues to use her skills, passion, and story to grow her own brand, and now the brands of others. Inspiring 1000’s to follow their dreams through her journey, she has created an empowered community of tired 9-5ers that are taking a leap of faith to create the life they want to live.


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With the most popular effective platform to story tell - Instagram. Capture the attention of your audience, potential followers & clients with better story telling. No more excuses to falling flat on Instagram. Avoid the top mistakes everyone makes on IG to get ahead of the game and make your brand, trip, blog, posts stand out. Better graphics, better stories, better results.

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    Through our platform, content, and impactful partnerships we create beautiful stories to encourage traveling Africa; enhancing the perception and changing the narrative of the continent, one story, one journey at a time.

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    Equipping you with the branding, coaching and tools you need to make action towards your dreams and create the life you want to live.


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    Connecting you to the world through visual content and live experiences to invite you to see what we see through your own eyes.


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